Why is it that I like this guy?

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Dodgson lifted the box, pointed it at the animals. Immediately, a continuous, high-pitched shriek filled the clearing.
The tyrannosaurs roared in response, and lowered their heads, extending their necks forward, snapping their jaws, preparing to attack. They were huge - and they were unaffected by the sound. They started to come around the mound, toward Dodgson. The earth shook as they moved.
"Oh fuck," King said.
But Dodgson stayed cool. He twisted the dial. Baselton clapped his hands over his ears. The shriek became higher, louder, ear-splitting, incredibly painful. The response was immediate: the tyrannosaurs stepped back as if they had received a physical blow. They ducked their heads. They blinked their eyes rapidly. The sound seemed to vibrate in the air. They roared again, but weakly now, without conviction. A terrible screaming came from inside the mud nest.
Dodgson moved forward, pointing the box in the air, directly at the animals. They tyrannosaurs backed away, looking into the nest, then to Dodgson. They swund their heads back and forth rapidly, as if trying to clear their ears. Dodgson calmly adjusted the dial. The sound went higher. It was now excruciating.
Dodgson began to climb the mud mound of the nest. Baselton and King scrambled up, following him. Baselton found himself looking down into a nest with four mottled white eggs, and two young babies that looked for all the world like scrawny oversized turkeys. Anyway, some kind of gigantic baby birds.
The two tyrannosaurs were at the far end of the clearing, held away by the sound. Like the Maiasaurs, they urinated in agitation. They stomped their feet. But they did not come closer.
Over the ear-splitting shriek of the box, Dodgson shouted, "Get the eggs!" In a daze, King stumbled down into the nest, grabbing the nearest egg. He fumbled it in his shaking hands; the egg flew in the air; he caught it again, and lurched back. He stepped on the leg of one of the babies, which screamed in fear and pain.
At this, the parents tried to come forward again, drawn by the infant's cries. King hastily clambered out of the nest, ducked away through the foliage. Baselton watched him go.
"George!" Dodgson shouted, still aiming the box at the tyrannosaurs. "Get the other egg!"
Baselton turned to look at the adult tyrannosaurs, seeing their agitation and their anger, watching their jaws snap open and closed, and he had the sudden feeling the sound or no sound, these animals would not allow anyone to enter the nest again. King had been lucky but Baselton would not be lucky, he could feel it, and -
"George! Now!"
Baselton said, "I can't!"
"You dumb fuck!" Holding the gun high, Dodgson began to climb down into the nest himself.

Why do I like Dodgson so much? He's the main antagonist both Jurassic Park and The Lost World, and probably the largest bag of douche to ever grow arms and legs and walk the face of the planet we like to call Earth. But I still like him, and I wanted him to live.
Baselton dies at the nest, but Dodgson gets out. Yes!
Dodgson and King drive away, but they crash and Dodgson falls out. Did he survive?
King wakes up, sees Dodgson, thinks he's dead, and drives away in the Jeep. If Dodgson dies, I hope at least King dies too.
King gets killed by velociraptors on his way off the island. Score!
Dodgson wakes up, surrounded by tiny scavenger dinosaurs. at least he's awake! I hope he survives!

He's such a gigantic douche, but I still like him. Maybe the way he was so calm in the face of tyrannosaurs, maybe I like how he said "You dumb fuck!" to Baselton, maybe I like how he started getting the egg himself after Baselton pussied out...
A lot of the time I root for the antagonist, because they never win, but I really wanted Dodgson to survive. I won't say if he did, but I wanted him to.
Why would I ever like this douche of an antagonist?


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Whom We Like...

...often doesn't respond to logical scrutiny. Nor does it have to...

From the sketch you've provided (not being familiar with the full story), I can offer no answer to your question...

What disturbs me, however, is that you are displeased with liking a character whom you feel a normal human would be otherwise...

No need to fret. So... back to my opening remark!

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It's been a while since I read the second one, but wasn't Dodgson there for a specific purpose? Even if he was motivated by greed, he was really the most driven character, and you seem very driven. Maybe you identify with that, even if your motivations are different.

He also did the most work to get to the island, when everyone else was chosen to go there, or got there by hiding like little creepers.

I don't know. Just theorizing.

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Sometimes I like characters

Sometimes I like characters because they aren't necessarily good or bad but they're simply more believable. Many morally 'perfect' antagonists seem too one dimensional and contrived.

I won't go into a long blabble... But yeah I remember reading this book called Blindsight by Maurice Gee, and the protagonist is the biggest douche also. It's written in first person and she is an unreliable narrator and it's interesting how she distills, perverts, justifies and filters every event to the audience (think of Lolita as well). Despite that I sympathised greatly with her because I found she is just like us, with relatable desires, similar dilemmas and uncontrollable circumstances.

If you think now, many 'good' or at least influential literature contains flawed characters instead of ones that necessarily 'win, prevail or are self-righteous all the time. (e.g. Shakespeare, postcolonial literature on victimhood etc.) It's important that we resist those binaries as readers.

Okay... maybe I did blabble a little bit. That's my take on it.

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I wish I could have said this...