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So, later today after I finally sleep we make our three and half hour drive to the place where my sister is getting married. Damn, I hope my other sister, who is driving us there, plans on stopping for lunch! It's gonna be a lonnggggg trip. I'll probably have to pee like ten times on the way. To much information? lol.

My sister, who is getting married, made a pissy comment to mom today. Another one about me. Shocker! She told our mom to tell me to make sure that I smile in the wedding photos, because in the photos they took at the bachelorette party weren't up to snuff for her. Yeahhh...here's the thing, I'M BLOODY SELF CONSCIOUS! How can you not understand that? I don't have a great smile!

I tried to smile, honestly, but, shit, I look like crap! Those were the worst photos of me EVER. Seriously. I don't get how she doesn't understand that. And, yet again, why did she include me in any of this, if I'm such a freaking problem child?

I guess I should stop ranting...like now. I should be getting sleep. Gotta get up early and get a haircut before we leave. And I didn't want to drag i this journal back into ranting about my sister, but seriously, BRIDEZILLA! On my back everyday about something else. With little understanding of what I'm (or anyone else is) going through.

On the upside, lets end this with something good. I got a CD from the library today, it's this band Fuel. They've got some nice songs!

I LOVE THE SOUND! And the way he sings this song!

In another songs Quarter, I just want to sing it out loud! "So I walk a ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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Don't worry. Just grin and

Don't worry. Just grin and bear it. OH, and take picture on your own. I would love to see the wedding. Also if you get any of the groom oggling other women it would be good blackmail ;D

A lot of truth is said in jest.

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Oh, I will.

I have to remember to take my cell phone to the wedding so I can take some photos. You can add me on Facebook if you REALLY want to see the wedding, I'm sure they'll be plastered all over there, haha. And I'll be SMILING!!! maybe.

Haha, and I don't think her hubby-to-be would do that. He actually seems like a really good guy.

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