A Family Affair

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I feel kinda alone. I've spent all of today in my room mostly on the internet and I also did some cleaning. All I did was ask innocently if my mom was going out today and she barks back, "I don't have any money!" Well, shit, how is that my fault? My plan today was to go to the fucking bank and give you that $100 you asked for. But after that, why the hell would I want to?

Yesterday she asked if they could borrow some money till next month. I made kind of a big deal out of it as-per-usual just to get the point across that I don't have a lot to give and that I'm already stressed out about the wedding costs. She should have know that I was going to give in and let them borrow likeIalwaysdo.

But, yeah, she's being an asshole. Along with that, I have to deal with the ugly shit that my sister said last weekend. She basically told me that I was a lazy-broke-ass-sonofabitch.

It's what made the weekend for me!

On the upside, I just made my self crack up by the tags I entered. SO, not all is bad. I've still got myself and my wicked sense of humour that I likely only get.


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*HUG* A lot of truth is said


A lot of truth is said in jest.

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"I'm not telling you to smile, but don't be down."

(I marathoned Skins and Pandora's song was win)

My family is stressed out about my sister's wedding costs, too, because she is crazy. Which means I must be super-frugal and also not draw any attention to myself by laughing too much when people ask when my turn will be.

But hey, eventually it'll be over, right?