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Sooooooo nervoussssssss.

A part of me is convinced that she doesn't realize that I want to date her. And the other part of me says that part of me is stupid because I literally asked her out and I know she's not completely oblivious like that other kid.

So maybe she just wants me to buy her stuff, or an excuse to go somewhere... Or something. A part of me actually wants that to be the case because then I won't have to worry about this scary relationship stuff and I can go back to hiding in my hole.

Ahaha, but if I really wanted to hide in my hole and avoid this scary relationship stuff then that's what I would have done.

I'm excited because I'm about to go to an awesome city and spend the day with an awesome person. But I'm also kind of terrified.

I feel like... Well for starters I feel like there's no chance of her liking me back, because she's so interesting and exciting, and I'm boring and blaaahhhh. And because nobody -ever- likes me back. Even when I think I've been given conclusive evidence that they do, they don't. I'm pretty sure there's a rule somewhere about it. Not like she's a following-rules kind of person, but still.

And I feel like... I dunno. I feel like I think about this stuff too much. What I really should do is stop fucking worrying about it and just go out and enjoy myself today.

And I will. I just need to get my insecurities out somewhere (like here, for instance.). This isn't one of those makes-you-nervous-and-uncomfortable-and-jittery crushes. It's one of those paralyzes-your-ability-to-think-and-makes-you-into-a-total-klutz crushes. Funny how this parallels with a comparison between caffeine and alcohol so well.


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Oh don't worry

I bet if you say something really stupid, then she'll just think it's adorable. At least, all the girls I know would... Just be as yourself as you can be, and I think you'll be fine. Most of all JUST HAVE FUN cuz if you don't have fun, then you'll be more and more nervous. Try to flush your brain :D

Plus... *Ahem* YOU'RE AWESOME
you have nothing to worry about ^^
Smile real pretty for me, baby.

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Exactly, go out and enjoy

Exactly, go out and enjoy yourself! That's what it's all about anyways.. and I'm sure it'll be a blast :)