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So yesterday I went to an Aerosmith concert and it was like amazing right?!
I went with my good ol father. It was cool ya know. Only thing I hate is that my dad gets a little wild there and it's like embarassing, but not in bad way. I think it's very sweet that he feels he can be himself around me. But every time we have like me and him outings it super awkward cause I'm quite for most of the time. Like my dad is kinda the like manliest person I know. He always wants to get to know me and all that stuff. But it's so hard when all I want to say to him is "dad I don't like girls. I'm sorry I try to freeze you out. It's just I feel so horrible that you had to have such an selfish homo for son. I wish I could've been the normal one. I love you for always trying to understand me though." Truth is I really love my dad. He's amazing and although we constantly don't see eye to eye, he's still real cool with me. He'll never know what he means to me. I'm so lucky he wasn't the type to leave. I love you dad :)