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I hate it when my mom tries to make me come home by saying she's changed. She's still all crazy super fundie Christian. She says that even if she becomes a preacher or something (NO.) she "still won't ever hate gays." This totally explains the unliking of the pro-gay facebook pages, right? :| Ugh, I don't understand her.

I just realized I've got school in a month. Noooo! :( I never, ever, ever want to go back to that awful place, now with extended hours! 7 classes instead of 6! Ahh, that school is just ass. Not a pretty ass, either, but a smelly, hairy one that hasn't seen soap in a week. I am so jealous of French Class Girl. (Holy fuck, did I really just type that? The apocalypse is coming.) She will be a senior, so it will be her last year to endure such bullshit. Eww, I don't want to see her... But if she doesn't take French 2, I am going to stick a fork in her face. (Oh, wait, the fork would be an improvement.) Actually, maybe I do kind of want to see her. Haha. But only "kind of," and only so I can make her mad.

I've also got to try and cram in 3 summer reading books. I never like what they assign. D: This year, some Shakespeare is on the list. I'm absolutely awful at reading Shakespeare. This should get... interesting. Or maybe I'll just go SparkNotes on the whole list like last year. Last year I only read one of the 3 books assigned. I don't understand why there has to be 3, though. I mean, 1 wouldn't be a problem, even if it sucked major ass, but why 3? Especially considering the fact that we always have a test on them the first day of school. The way they set the whole thing up really sucks because even if you had a 70 in English the previous year, if you pick up the wrong set of summer reading books, they'll stick you in Honors. And it's just ONE test. This is how I always end up with complete dumbfucks in my English classes.

Anyway, I just watched Whip It. I actually liked it; the soundtrack was pretty good, and Ellen Page is kinda cute. I noticed that in the movie her hair looks how mine would look if I lived somewhere that wasn't so humid. XD


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whip it = pure awesomeness.

whip it = pure awesomeness. read the book (Derby Girl)
i have this book, it's No Fear Shakespeare, and it's macbeth in comic book form. No Fear Shakespeare also has books that have the modernized translation of passages from every shakespearian play... it's pretty awesome when you're assigned to read Romeo and Juliet and you don't really care enough to *actually* read it.

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I'll have to see if the

I'll have to see if the bookstore has it when I go pick up the rest of my summer reading books! And I've heard of that No Fear Shakespeare thing... I'm definitely going to have to get it.

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Whip It was really good. I

Whip It was really good.

I use No Fear Shakespear whenever we have to read Shakespear in school, you don't have to buy it, they have it available online on Sparknotes. It makes reading it so much easier.

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Oh, you can get it online

Oh, you can get it online for free? Awesome!