Bye guys

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Going off to hang out at an art school for two weeks, probably won't spend much time on the internet because the laptop I'm bringing does not have wifi (I don't know if the school does, but I know that I don't, so it doesn't make a difference really) and is also running windows 98 and is large enough to stomach a macbook with no indigestion. Gonna write/ play old video games/ draw on paint on it. It's main function is really to charge my MP3 player though. =) What's crazy is how cool the thing is. I've always had issues with laptops overheating but not this guy. Haha.

I'm really excited. I've got like, $100 in art supplies for the courses (and plus some of my own just because.) and I'm really hoping they let me in the darkroom. XD I didn't want to take the photography course because I've already taken two and I don't want to be stuck doing beginner stuff. But I got a new Pentax (and by "new" I mean "very old") for ten bucks the other day. (Pentax ME Super. Probably worth about $50-$70 bucks seeing as it had a lens as well.) And I want to use it while I'm there. Right now it's loaded with color film so I'll have to get that developed somewhere for me, but goodness knows I can go through a roll of film quickly.

I'm also bringing my Shel Silverstien books, my GBC pokemon games, and my guitar. The first two so I don't get bored and the latter so I don't go through insane guitar withdrawal. I'm not sure how much free time I'm going to have though, I imagine they lay on the homework in a program like this. But it's art homework so that's a-okay with me. XD

...I'm still debating bringing my latex-based masking fluid. That stuff smells rancid... But it's useful... Hmmm. Last time I took it somewhere with me it opened during travel and thank gods it was in a little bag so the only thing affected were my bottles of ink sitting with it. I imagine the stuff isn't very nice to get out of clothing. D: D:

My (GIGANTIC suitcase... From AMSTERDAM) is all full up though. (I love the thing though, sturdy and very pretty. Also huge. I pretty much fit all of the clothing I own in the thing and had room left over. Granted, I don't own a lot of clothing, but the thing is a beast. It also has a lock on it so I can stick my camera in there once my clothing is unpacked... Because I'm paranoid. =)

Can't use the thing to travel with on planes though because of the built-in lock really. TSA loooves to break locks. I'm not sure what's so intriguing about smelly clothing and hair soap, but they must be fascinated by the stuff. Why yes I do have a problem with the invasive airport security and this fear-mongering BS that goes on.

Okay. Done blabbing now. Later guys.


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have a great time! Paint is

have a great time! Paint is so old school