Easier With Practice: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

Easier With Practice is one of those movies that is impossible to review on a gay site, especially for someone as spoiler-adverse as me.

Because the distributor sent me this with another title, and I didn't even bother to read about it in advance, I just converted it so that I could watch it on my iPad and review it on the plane to or from Hawaii. And, for 90 percent of the movie, my thought was "Why did they send me an interesting, albeit seemingly heterosexual movie?"

In the back of my mind, of course, I thought, "The only way this would be a gay movie is if..." and, of course, that is what ends up being the case. So, we have a gay movie that is sort of a twist gay movie, except to review it on a gay website almost requires you to tell people the twist, so that it actually seems like a gay story.

The question I have, of course, is... if you watch this movie based on knowing it will eventually be a gay movie, even though it doesn't seem like it for most of the film and, because of that knowledge, figure things out in advance that you otherwise wouldn't or shouldn't, is it still a satisfying movie?

And I don't know the answer to that question.

In a nutshell, this is a movie about a self-published novelist and his brother on a book tour that they thought would turn into some Kerouac road adventure, but is sort of just a lot of driving, meagerly-attended book events, and little else. The main character is lonely and disconnected, and we know that from both his writing and his character, but then he finally finds something that makes him feel differently and less alone.

Well, that's as much as I can say without giving the spoiler away although, like I said, the only way you could enjoy this movie is to not know it was a gay movie at all, and then get more of a "Whoa!" reaction, except it being a gay movie is the "Whoa!" So, make of that what you will... and, if you do see it, let me know your thoughts.

On one hand, if I didn't mention it, you might've never heard of it. But if I do mention it, by the nature of my only reviewing LGBT movies, I am also giving away major spoilers. Although I've given none away specifically in this review.


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This Review + Amazon's...

has persuaded me! Will be in my hands in 2 days...

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I've watched this movie. I

I've watched this movie. I recommend others watch it, it can be an eye opener. There's a certain anxiety that rises as you watch, even though it is a mild movie.

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I Have It...

Just watched the first few minutes... and it looked like it was going to be rather stressful. So... I've laid it aside until my tolerance level improves.

You really recommend that I try again?

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i admit this movie does take

i admit this movie does take a bit of mental endurance to get through it, but it has a few perks, and while i watched it i was trying to assume what was going to happen...but in the end i think it was an interesting movie that left me wondering a little bit. It's not really an exciting movie but its sort of realistic with the cast and theme.