Figure drawing has been a trip.

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Well, that is probably because I find it funny that we only get female models and such, my teacher is a comic book artist who keeps on getting into debates with me about DC and Marvel, and today's model looked almost exactly like Yvonne Strahovski (Agent Walker from Chuck) except a red head. Which was interesting to have to draw. Anyway, I'm not going to go on about that but.. tomorrow we have a male model, which is less entertaining but at least I'll be able to concentrate. By the way the models are clothed so it's not you're usually figure drawing, not to sound tooo pervy. Well, anyway. Track, is a bit painful.. My running quota is 20 miles a week which is a meager four miles a day. However, what we do during practice doesn't count well as it shouldn't seeing as were just doing core work. Like toe touches, planks, wall sits, this thing thats like a plank but you clap your hands with the person in front of you ect. Plus hills, if you do athletics or more specifically Track you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, being that my goal is to be team captain by senior year, I'm starting to worry how coming out might affect that goal. I mean my town is pretty liberal and open but... Yea, it might be a bit tough maybe.

Well, just recently this girl confessed to me that she had liked me for a few months and I was surprised, thought she was straight. I might give it a try, go on a date... But I don't know, she really isn't someone I can see being with for more than two weeks. Which is a shame, she's a nice girl and really pretty.. I don't want to hurt her, I guess I'm still interested in someone else. HAHAHA WELLL, LIFE RIGHT GUYS? And my situation is better than most, but still maybe it will turn out better and I've got nothing to lose. Oh and anyone watching Pretty Little Liars? I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH.