Good stuff and horrid stuff

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Well sometime last week I had been meaning to write an entry because i had tonnes to write about.
I seem to have forgotten a whole lot but I'll write stuff anyway.

I have been in my school holidays and haven't done much. I usually work in a cafe About 2 hours drive away (phillip island, I thas some form of car racing track so some of you may recognose it)
But anyway I didn't get much work at all since it has been rainy and horrible and none of our beloved tourists have come out of hiding.

I know I had tonnes of fun doing something, but I've forgotten what that was.

The words "Horrid Stuff" in my title probably were a bit of an overstatement but it was kinda bad haha.
I had had my ex boyfriend over for some reason. And just on a whim I had decided that I wanted to try full sex for the first time (bad idea in the first place considering he was my ex I know X_x)
But It was a total failure, he couldn't get inside me! (I dont know where anything went wrong because I was totally relaxed)
And then I couldnt even please him by other means cuz he wasn't quite getting into it.

I kinda get the feeling that he isn't actually bi but and was just experimenting with me though X_x (considering I had short hair for once and looked A lot more masculine, nor was I wearing kitty ears, he has funny tastes haha)

Though I do feel kinda relieved that we didn't go through with it; I would have felt really dirty.
I can still keep my goal of losing my virginity to someone very special though which is good =^_^=

On an even lighter note, I get to see an old friend from my last school that is ages away fomr here on tuesday! yay!


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yea. its wierd howyour like a completely differnt person when your horny, who dosnt make the same choices or acyions your non horny self wouldnt even consider.

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am deing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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You're speaking from personal experience?

It can be difficult... but please keep your wits about.