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i'm so happy! this saturday me and my parents are going to new mexico and then colorado. it's gonna be nice to see a bit more of america, seeing as this is my first out-of-state trip. i don't know if that sounds childish but i'm just excited. oh also today i got my hair thined out after 3 years of just growing it out. i'll just be random right now. you know the years just fly by (of course i'm sure everyone has heard it), but you have to enjoy life. you have to embrace what you have, don't live fast and die young, but do not take it to slow, i'm 17 and already i have regrets and you probably do too. however you need to move on, don't live in the past, but never forget the past. if you move on you can find happyness, it's all around... you just have to look for it.