here's the rest of the argument

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i didnt post it with my last entry because i broke down and went to cry in my room.
(FYI- i didnt cheat on her. only reason i said it was cause i wanted to hurt her back. and i wanted to see some emotion. but she just wiped it off like everything else.)
"yeah well good.
i cheated on you with becky while we were together.
you cant have the last word sweetheart.
i wish you and Kasey did fuck you stupid bitch. i really do. maybe then you wouldve got something.
you're not hot.
maybe thats why you didnt have friends.
fuck you christina. fuck you.
and just to let you know if anything happens, i hope you know it's your fucking fault. all of it."

*Haha. Ew, she's such a cow. I cheated on you with an 18 year old. Lol. So it goes both ways.
And ok. Sounds good. Peace.*-christina

i didnt cheat on her. honest. and she did get the last word. because i couldnt hold back the tears much longer. the last thing i can remember from this convo was "I cheated on you with an 18 year old" thats why i cried so much. because she actually had the balls to do it. she actually cheated on me. after everything.

i hate it. i hate love. i do.

and you guys remember how i said that everyone always ends up leaving in the end? well heres proof. she was supposed to be the one. she was supposed to be different. she wasnt supposed to hurt me. what happened to "i will always love you. no matter what." i guess not.

i do hate love. i really do.