I embarrass myself so much in this post. XD

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So, I was at the grocery store with my sister, my dad, and his girlfriend. We were buying supplies for a cookout tomorrow to celebrate July 4. We were in the meat department, minding our own business, when one of the last people I ever want to see came down one of the adjacent aisles and walked past us.

It was this one girl I had a crush on when I was like, twelve. This chick is French Class Girl's cousin. (Although I must say right now, they look nothing alike! Don't worry, I do not have problems!) I think the only way to describe how I felt would be to say it seemed like all my internal organs dropped into the pit of my stomach and froze over. I hate seeing her; it brings back the most embarrassing memories, which are now ten times worse because I am now reminded of the fact that I liked someone who is related to FRENCH CLASS GIRL! Ewww!

She was with some girl and dressed like it was the 1980s. The other girl wasn't, so I can't even try to rationalize that by saying she was probably going to an 80s-themed party or something. I'm serious, though, her shirt was like, skin-tight and sparkly and cut all funky. As much as I hate to admit it, she has a killer body, but must she sparkle? She looked like she rolled in glitter or something.

I'm sure a lot of people had embarrassing ways of dealing with their crushes in sixth grade, right? I'm sure a lot of people did that stupid obsessing thing! ... Right? (Please, someone say yes and make me feel better. Just typing this is absolutely humiliating on so many levels. I can barely believe I'm doing it, considering I'd like to simply take an eraser and remove that stage of my life from history.)

I had this poor, unfortunate online friend I put through the torture of listening to (err, reading) my "OMFG TODAY SHE LOOKED IN MY GENERAL DIRECTION I ALMOST PISSED MY PANTS" nonsense. I haven't spoken to that friend in a long time. I don't remember your name, but if you're out there... I'm sorry for being such a twelve-year-old girl. :P

Anyway, yes, back to the girl. She ended up being really mean, but I never noticed it much until later. No, I didn't even notice it when I tried to talk to her, and she wouldn't have anything to do with me. Hahaha! Although I must say, that did contribute to the fact that I am very hesitant when it comes to starting conversations. Last I heard of her, she was fucking some 20-year-old dude who looks stupid when he tries to grow a beard. I also saw her smoking on school campus a couple of months ago... Wow, what a winner. She couldn't even wait until she got into her car!

She's going to be a senior now, so it will be great when she graduates and I never have to see her again! Oh, god, the embarrassing memories...


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you said something about her sparkling...

and my first thought was "vampire!" :P
...not funny? meh. i tried.

i had the whole mildly-obsessive crush thing, too. she gave me her hoodie. and i wore it for an entire weekend. literally. i was baking brownies, and got chocolate all over it.... so my mom washed it, and it didn't smell like her anymore and i was so pissed.

(: so you *aren't* the only one who went through that.

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Haha, when I wrote about her

Haha, when I wrote about her shirt sparkling, I thought of Twilight vampires too!

It's good to know I'm not alone. XD

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*Raises hand*

I've had those kinds of crushes...

I'm starting to grow out of them. lol.

My friends always have to hear about my crush.

"I know you, Naomi. I know you're lonely. I think you need someone to want you. Well, I do want you. So be brave, and want me back!" - Kathryn Prescott, Skins

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I think most people do at

I think most people do at some point, actually. I grew out of it in eighth grade, but I know people my age who still have them and aren't growing out of it any time soon!

In sixth/seventh grade, anyone I was out to absolutely HAD to hear about my creepy stalker crush. XD I am sure they all wanted to punch me in the face... But I had this one friend that did the same thing except about guys, so maybe at least she didn't find it annoying!