I love my friends

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I had so much fun tonight.
And it's different.

Because I wasn't trying or getting with boys.
I saw so many lovely people and they do love me.
I met more lovely people.
I was also more sober than drunk! That's something new!
And I only had two cigarettes. I gave the rest away. I'm going to try and reduce.
And I was home by four?! I'm a good boy.

F and me and L are going to have a threesome. Pinky promised.
But not really. Really.

I don't need boys. I just need my awesome friends. At least for now. At least for now.

N got a sports scholarship to America. I'm a little jealous. She wants me to go with her. She almost cried tonight she's leaving in a week. I wish.

F keeps yelling 'scheiss auf mich'! No I will not shit on you mister F.


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I See That...

...you must have received a new consignment of kiwi fruit :)

Wishes can become reality...