I think I've been reading too much...

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I've been locked in my room reading for the last three days ._.;; Literally, almost all of the day I was reading. Fff. I finished two books so far. I'm on a third today but took some time to come write this up so you know why I'm gone so often.

But summer is SO BORING when your friends are gone! Bahannah is...currently... in A LAND FAR, FAR AWAY.

And Rainbows is couch-ridden from THE DREADED SURGERIES on the KNEE AREA.

Those are the only friends I have constant contact with and can hang out with D: I need something fun to do while I'm alone! I'm going crazy... you know, besides touching myself if that's what you were gonna suggest. Naughty little Oasians, I know at least one of you thought that ;)

So I've started modding up my games for the computer more so that I can play them in my spare time. Is fun. I like running around naked and talking to guards because they're like O__o "Yeah, the bar is... Down the street there..."

Very funny.

Also, watching a bunch of shows on Hulu, like... Supernanny cuz it makes me feel like I'm a good kid... Or Deadliest Warrior! 8D

I'm seriously distraught with nothing to do D: Maybe I should go on a walk or something...


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Considering Your Current Agitated State...

...his advice should not just be ignored out of hand. You should understand that it's very likely based on much personal experience :)

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I absolutely have no idea what you're talking about. Who's advice? What advice? D:
Smile real pretty for me, baby.

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Disingenuous... Maybe Just a Bit?

Paragraph #4