i went off on her big time.

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these are some of the meanest things ive ever said to her.


i wasnt looking for a fight. honest. i just wanted to see what she was up to. she was feeling sick still. from her getting shit faced a couple nights ago.

shes not innocent. at all.

she was bragging like a little fucking kid and it pissed me off. we started arguing.

she insisted that the reason she stopped drinking was because of me.

thats fucking bull shit.

"this was BEFORE school even started. get your shit straight.
yeah? and?
dont fucking talk to me like that ok? who said i was getting all butthurt like someone. im not. it just pisses me off that you're basically blaming me for you not being able to have fun and party with your stupid friends. you're a fucking asshole, and a bitch. and now i see that. they were right you dont fucking deserve me. fucking cunt.
i dont NEED to deal with your shit. i dont. but i fucking do. you know, 2 months ago i wouldve gone to hell and back for you. lately you've been treating me like someone you just met and had nothing with. maybe breaking up was a good thing. it helped me see the real you. and now, i'd like to say that i honestly do hate you now. i hate you for the way you act, for the way you've been treating me. if this is the way you treat your friends im suprised you even found any.
im not going to say sorry anymore. im not. why the fuck should i? you're just gonna treat me the same way. im just gonna get mad at you for it. and i always say sorry first, i always call back when we have a fight over something you said or did that set me off. you hardly ever say you're sorry. last few times you said you were sorry you know you were just saying it to make me stop crying.
you dont fucking love me. if you did you would not be acting this way or treating me like this.
i dont give a fuck if this hurts your feelings.
im always doing something wrong. what i do is never enough.
fuck you. and i feel bad for the poor girl who has to deal with you next."