It's Summer I should relax.

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This past week, I have had about three anxiety attacks. I just feel so bunched up and stressed, mostly because I'm thinking of how to deal with a new year and new people. With the direction my life has been taking... Yesterday night I pretty much curled up into a ball and stared at the wall by my bed because of all the things I have to figure out. My life feels like it's on fast forward and I'm having trouble keeping up. I mean, I have two identities... the one displayed here. Basically me, and the one I need to use with some friends and all my family, all my school. Why am I so quiet, why do I pretend like it'll be fine its not like lying most of the time is going to have any toll on my mental state. Pshh, I hate this.. I need to find the way to say what I need to say. This is becoming too complicated..