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My mom is being a stupid bitch. AGAIN. She just got back from a week-long trip to Louisiana, broke up with her boyfriend, and is going back in a couple of days to stir up more shit. What is she, a 12-year-old attention whore?

Oh, and you know what else she did? She removed/unliked /whatever'd all the pro-gay pages she was ever a fan of or whatever on facebook. I wonder what this means. :| I noticed it recently, and it has been bothering me a bit ever since. Has she seriously had a change in heart or is she simply ashamed for her Christian friends to see it? If that's the case, do I too bring her shame? I mean, they won't know that I am gay unless she tells them, but does it make her feel bad somehow? More importantly, who gives a fuck? She has lived with this knowledge for nearly three years, and it hasn't killed her yet. She's just some stupid bitch who's choosing her Bible over her kid. Fuck her. (Um, not literally. That would be FCG-ish.) I am done with her.

In other news, French Class Girl is just soooo... not right. Long story short, she wants to go to Alaska like I want to go to Sweden. She is a gigantic fan of Sarah Palin, by the way. Umm, FCG, you're gay. Sarah Palin would hate you. I know you like MILFs, but seriously? Sarah Palin? No, she wouldn't rip off her clothes, smear whipped cream on her boobs, and tell you to have your way with her. She'd tell you to get the hell out of her house. Keep dreaming, dear. Sorry to rain on your parade, but you will never bang Sarah Palin. Not today, not five years from now, not ever.

Also, I feel like putting in some generic whining about not having a girlfriend. All the hot girls around me are straight... No, scratch that, it's not just the hot ones. It's not even just the halfway-attractive ones, the nice ones, the funny ones, or the intelligent ones. All the girls around me who aren't FCG are straight. ALL. OF. THEM. Why is this? Too many straight girls. >:( Sometimes I lurk this site, and it makes me feel better to see that there are lots of gay/bi girls of all kinds, but then I realize that they're not near me. D: Fuck this town!

I think I had something else I was gonna write, but I got distracted by this one girl's tumblr I saw there because she's hot, and she posts pictures of adorable cats. This makes me want a tumblr. Would it be weird if I got one just so I could follow her? Hahahaha! I'm kidding, I'm kidding... Or am I?

I need to go finish this kitten I was drawing. He's turning out adorably so far.


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i has one. and i watch all the gay/lez blogs :p
we need to hold an oasis convention....

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)