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so. Becky left for her dad's last night.

she's been calling me "babe" lately. which i do find a bit awkward. i mean, its so weird to hear it from someone else.

she's also been telling me she loves me. which i know she does, there's no denying that.

and im not complaining or anything, but sometimes i get weird and dont like it when she says those things.

i dont know why.

ive already gotten into the habit of being on the phone with her when its time for me to go to sleep. its like i cant sleep if she's not on the line.

last night she was telling me that i was pretty and what not.

it was nice to hear someone say that again.

and i think i got well, there goes my summer money :P


i feel a bit depressed today. like i want to stay in my room all day and cry.

i dont know.

i emailed christina yesterday. i know i know, im not supposed to be talking to her.

i couldnt help it though.

i felt sick the whole time i was talking to her.

and then she decided to tell me about how shitfaced she got two nights ago.

and about her cuddle buddy. >.>

should've been an asshole and said something like "yeah? well i have a fuck buddy. :D"

which i dont. i havent gotten any in forever.

but she doesnt need to know that.


i miss her.