never a dull moment #2

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so we just got the rental car (and i was not a part of the decision), it's a 2010 Toyota 4 Runner. i saw the recall sticker that assured me that the accelerator wouldn't mess up. althought the sticker had the word safety misspelled... human error or just passed along? whatever, all the new Toyota's have been fixed up so it's no problem. but what a nice slice of humor my dad had when i said "it's a Toyota?". :)


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lol. ...i live in CO! where

...i live in CO! where are you going exactly?
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Same here! I highly doubt you're going to where I leave, at least, not voluntarily.

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well i think the suv can make it, although there was a loose wire under the steering column... but i think it's for diagnostic work for the onboard electronics. i hope. oh well i'm on vacation.
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