Never watch scary movies alone

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I was watching some of 8: The Mormon Proposition by myself (and home alone) which was probably a really bad idea since the trailer made me cry, and it scared the shit out of me...I live in a liberal city in a liberal state (at least on this side of the mountains) on the usually liberal west coast. Also, I went to a really liberal school last year, such that the only issue anyone had when I came out was my best friend, who is mormon, didn't talk to me for nearly a year, so that being exposed to people who really, truly, believe that I am an abomination, that I don't deserve basic rights, that I am essentially less valueble than the dirt beneath their made me feel sick and cold and above all, scared. Then, to make matters worse, a couple of what looked like Mormon polling/petition signing people knocked on the door so I went and hid in my room, thinking "please let me move massachutes when I grow up, please pretty please"

I guess I was also a bit upset because the friend I was talking about earlier (the mormon one) has such a sweet family, really nice people, and sure she excomunicated me for a year but I still can't see her family hating anyone, hating me, as much as the mormon elders seem to.

It doesn't help that I'm about to leave for the one place where I'm not out at all (camp) for a month with no internet access, and I don't know if I really want to come out there...i mean, being openly lesbian when you're living in a fairly close setting with a group of girls from all around the country doesn't strike me as the best idea, but I've known many of these people for 4 years and I'm so sick of them asking me about boys....


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ohmygod! hi bookworm!!!

hi bookworm!!! =D
welcome to oasis! *hugs* and *rainbows* and *cookies* and all that fun stuff. doubly so cuz bookworms rock.

as far as the rest...
sucks about your friend. i'm sorry...but it sounds like she's talking to you now? that's good.
and, well, i'd take a chance with coming out to your friends at camp. maybe come out to a couple of them first and if that goes well, tell everyone else?
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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anyway. hi. welcome to oasis. please excuse my freak out, happens
from time to time...

*rainbows and unicorns and pretty lesbian girls*

dont think anyone has ever offered pretty lesbian girls before...

bookworm3x4: you know hugs are my part of the welcome! D<

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Thanks for the welcome! it

Thanks for the welcome! it made me smile :D