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Today I put ice in my coffee cuz it's hot. Within a few minutes it looks like a perfectly see-through marble.. minus the white fog in the middle. It looks so cool, breaking through the coffee like that... just this barrier in that tanish liquid..

I love looking at weird things like that.. obvious things that nobody sees.

And then I look up to see Lucy Ricardo being spanked by ricky... oO

It's weird.. I'm not addicted to coffee in the sense that without it I get headaches, but without it I feel like... groggy, I guess. Which isn't what anybody else who's addicted to coffee has ever described to me, so.. :P

Mm, it's pretty to swish the cup.. the coffee rolls over the ice smoothly, thanks to the way that it melted - perfectly smooth, no sharp edges or corners. Like the most perfect ice you could imagine.. the stuff you really just wanna lick..

I feel like I've been in solitary confinement or something. That's about the reaction I've been having recently.. heh..

And still, I can't bring myself to do that homework.. oO