Please Talk to Me

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I needed to talk to you so badly. i was crying as you got your bike ready. You didn't see because I don't let you see me cry. it makes me feel vulnerable to your kindness. You pulled out of the driveway and then they were there. They questioned you, pestered you. You listened. I saw your face as you rode back to the house to call your mom. You always cared too much about what they thought. You showed that to me today. They made a few snide remarks and rode away, dragging you behind them. You turned towards me and said, "See you tomorrow?" there was a question in your eyes, but why should I care if you wanted to see me? You didn't care. You were there for me when no one else was. What changed since that day? Are you still there? Or have you disappeared, like countless others into the realm of them?

I rode off the other way, heard you laughing behind me. Cracking jokes about our relationship. When they are there, you either hate me or plan to see how far I'll go. When it's just us, you can listen, you hear me, help me. What is so hard for you about this friendship? I ran away, sat in a tree and cried for the second time. I hate it that you can make me hurt this much. You break my heart, then expect me to be there the next day, completely fine. Well it doesn't work like that.

If I had the courage, I'd slap you. But I can't hurt you, I love you. Here I am, in my room, with my tears all dried up, unable to cry. How can you do this to me? When I needed you, you left. You left me for them, who scorn me behind my back. Are you really my friend?