Reading and such things

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I finished off the first season of True Blood. It took my mind off of everything and made me feel a hell of a lot better. Amen. I hope my library gets the second season. And soon.

And I got Chely Wright's memoir, Like Me, the other day from, you guessed it!, the library, it's a pretty interesting read so far. It's way gayer than I expected. I thought her sexuality would be spoken about a few times, but it's a running theme throughout. From the time she was a kid and she knew she was "different" to being an adult having relationships and hiding them and the harm it caused.

But I totally don't get why she loved this woman she calls "the Love of My Life" because she treated her like shit. When I watched her interviews she talked about how she was with this woman for 14 years and that they kept their relationship hidden throughout all this years. And I thought, wow that is so amazing and I also thought that this woman must of been a fairly good person because she never went to the media with her story, she never outed her...I half expected an epic love story...but, shit, no. This woman comes off as a complete and total bitch.

But...anyways. It's interesting. And I can relate to some of things she says. Which always gives me a simile. Some of the stuff is kinda awkward to read, though. Well, see if I make to to the end of this book because I have a habit of of...well, not finishing books.