River scene

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I've started to read the Pretty Little Liars books. I'm more than half way through the first one and it's actually quite good. It's interesting to see the changes they made for the TV show. But I really wish that they had included this one Emily/Maya scene cause it was awesome. It reminded me a bit of Emily and Naomi's scene from Skins where they go to the lake/creek or whatever, but minus the drugs and love making. Hee.

What made the scene so awesome was that Maya actually tells Emily that she broke up with her boyfriend and that she doesn't know if she "likes guys." I was like ohmygosh. Why didn't they include that on the TV show?! It would've been awesome!

Also they have this cute little tickle match in the water and, well, Emily's just so gay. lol.

But, seriously, the whole thing would've made for such an awesome scene on the show. I wish they'd incorporate into a future episode.

Are you listening Pretty Little Liars' writers? :)


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i'm sure the PLL writers are listening but...

what's the phrase...?
it's falling on deaf ears, or something like that.

as much as i hate to say it: it's an American show, and in america... there is *no* such thing as a realistic lesbian scene on a TV show targeted for kids 13+ (unless we're talking Joss Whedon - even though it took him 4 years, he got it right)

i mean, this is the nation that edited out horizontal kissing between two (mostly) clothed girls- who were both over 18, i'm pretty sure.
regardless, Cook and Panda totally got to third base before the FCC said "nope, can't let our kids get corrupted by *this!*" and cut the scene.
but Naomily show slight affection and suddenly the entire scene is missing...


& i haven't read - or even thought about reading - the PLL books yet. is there a lot of Emily/Maya stuff? cuz if not... i don't see a reason to buy them :P