Second base

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I had my FIRST BREAST EXAM EVER. I had a female medical student examining me for most of the physical. She did the routine stuff and then she asked me whether or not I wanted a breast exam done and I said, "May as well, while I'm here" Seriously, sometimes I surprise myself. Three years ago, I don't know that I would've been so okay with the idea of a stranger seeing me naked, let alone let alone touch me. So I changed and then laid down on the table where she proceeded to TOUCH ME INAPPROPRIATELY!!! KIDDING! But seriously, I haven't seen so much action in yearsss!!! LOL.

Really, I'm joking about the taking that as "action" part. Sadly, I'm not joking about the "I haven't seen action in years" part. Hah.

It was kinda weird, though. Like I said, I've never had one done before. I just laid there with a boob hanging out while a strange young lady felt me up, and I basically had no qualms about it. I'm telling ya, I'm not the girl I used to be! :D

I will say that I'm super duper glad that I had the medical student doing the breast exam. And not just that, but I'm glad it was her. I just felt...comfortable with her. It was easy. Although, maybe a little awkward afterwards..I don't know. We had this weird smiling thing going on throughout the exam. I do wish that she would do all of my future exams and stuff, but she's just there temporarily.


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hahahaha :) congrats! ..on

hahahaha :) congrats!
..on the strange young lady feeling you up.

Yeah, it seems the older we get, the more desensitized we get about our bodiesandstuff.

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...I've just had my understanding of that reference greatly expanded :)

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Oh, we definitely get desensitized. I remember when I didn't even like getting naked in my room...alone. Or just changing down to underwear in changing rooms at school, now that probably wouldn't even bother me.

It was just a weird experience for me. I'm changing and it's good to know!

elph: I don't know if it's just cause it's late, but which reference are you referring to?

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Lol. Breast exam with a

Lol. Breast exam with a stranger? Intense. Love your username by the way!!!
Tatu song right? XD

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It was quite the experience!

And Yep! It came from that and the lesbian teen movie :)

"Why is it that as a society, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"