Stripper plus my dad's crappy comment of the day!

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Yeah, apparently there might be stripper at my sister's bachelorette party that I'm most likely going to. I was talking to my other sister and she said that I should brace myself because a police man might a come a knockin' on the door that night. As long as he stays away from me I'm okay with it. This will either be very entertaining or very embarrassing or a combination of both.

I was watching Wheel of Fortune today with my parents and one of the contestants was a woman and as she was talking about herself she said "I live with my partner Laura". At least I think it was Laura, I can't remember. Anyways, the main thing was that it was a woman's name. So, my dad goes "Well, I know who I'm not rooting for." Wow, what a lovely thing to say. Now, I know not to take these things to heart..especially when it comes to my parents. My dad basically only ever actively roots for pretty women. Or more accurately, women that he believes are pretty. Still my heart sunk a bit. I couldn't help it...


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that foolish man child :/ im sorry that that happened

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Thanks, ferrets.

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sorry about that ash...

my dad would always make off-handed comments about things like that too. ahh, weddings. i wonder how the wedding party dinner will go for me this week- i'll let you know.

stripper sounds...entertaining? at least try to enjoy it. lol

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The thing is...

That he can be really intelligent when talking about gay stuff/people, but then he says things like this...and it's just like what the hell? But, like I said, I'm used to it. Come to think of it, my whole family is like that.

I'm fine with the stripper as long as his junk stays far away from me. Haha, you'd probably have more fun then me. ;P

I hope the wedding party goes well :)