The Illuminati Boy

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An acquaintance I know is going a bit crazy.
He's a good guy, but he's left already. He's not studying, he's moving away from the city, not working, just getting benefit from the government. He moved to a small town now... I'm a little unsure where he's going after, but from his facebook statuses it seems he's not coming back - he's searching for the illuminati or something.

Some people say they miss him. Some say he's lost his mind. One girl was really rude and says he has a massive brow yet I don't know what the relevance is. Who is this boy, looking for the illuminati? He 'follows his heart', but people ask 'do you know what you want in life' they say 'you're going to end up homeless'.

And I sit here reading poetry, wondering if it was a Wednesday.


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You're Concerned About...

...his welfare, or possibly his soundness of mind?

Seduced into a cult?

You present him as someone for whom you may have held strong feelings. If so, I hope you are able to help him return to reality.

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Your freind...

... sounds like any normal person fed up with society. His "illuminati", having the base of illu[m], meaning light, may be some form of escape or higher power. Maybe it is just an experiment for him. If you have deep feelings for him, I suggest telling him, or joining him in his search, since it seems he has no drive to leave it. I am no expert though.

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Fuck that.

Fuck that.

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The way you wrote that was

The way you wrote that was almost poetic...=) I admire what he's doing...sometimes I wish I could just get up and say "screw all this" and go do what I want to with my life.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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He's not lost his mind, my

He's not lost his mind, my bird-iconified friend. He's found it.

Going off to do with your life what you wish as opposed to what others wish is the highest attainable good!

Support him! He's finally hit the gold mine.

Ending up homeless?

Who cares?

I'd rather be homeless and doing what I want than rich and famous doing what others tell me to.

If I were there, I'd have gone right along with him.

I hope he has fun.