The type to love and leave

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I love international tournaments. I'm back from Australs 2010. The five star hotels, the suits, the lavish dinners, the pretentious functions, the interesting people I met, the drunk hookups, the self-conceited arrogance of me and many others. We were spoilt, and every connection seemed simple yet consequential. We were absolutely wonderful.

There were over 450 people. Every sort of person was there, so I thought there's got to be a few gays around.

I was already proven right on the first night, when I had a one night stand with a Japanese guy. I had no idea, until he suddenly kissed me at the pre-drinks. I was flattered, a little interested, drunk and we went back to the hotel. Later I found out he was one of the top adjudicators of the tournament. He thought he took advantage of me, because he thought I was straight. To be honest I didn't care.

He 'cared' a bit too much. He 'followed' me around the whole week, and wanted to get with me again, especially when I'm drunk. I honestly didn't want to try the same thing twice, so it got really annoying. Man, just thinking about his face now makes me angry because he was everywhere. Good thing my friends were looking after me... they'll fend him off, hug me, dance with me, and even pretend to be getting with me, even my straight guy friends (man I love them so much!). Mr Japanese guy got really angry apparently on the last night telling my friend 'why is so fucking indecisive!?'. I was not. My body language was very clear. I also texted him just to make sure.

That aside, I had fun with another guy from Australia. My luck hasn't been too bad in fact it's been quite good considering we have to spot who's gay first from the crowd. He wasn't so clingy, and he was so crazy in bed. He'd let me do anything. I love flings.

I knew these things always come in cycles. I go on holiday and my boy-luck soars immediately just like the last semester break. Maybe I give off a different vibe when I'm on holiday.

The annoying thing is controlling those desires. When there was no-one I didn't give a rats shit. When I get with multiple people in a week I feel out of control. I need more, I -want- to be out of control, more and more.

I do have a love interest though. Some guy I had a one night stand with a few months ago. He actually texted me last night, which I assumed was a booty call, maybe. But as you can see I don't really care? And he's the sexiest boy I have ever known. We haven't talked in a while, I want him to be mine. Just mine. Mine.


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Is there anything greater...

... than a beautiful and intelligent youth who loves you unreservedly?

I wish this for you. But it's so much better sober...

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I always find the sex quotient goes up when you go to a different town. Not sure why that is...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Maybe it's because your sex

Maybe it's because your sex vibe is stronger on account of being in a new place, where you'll see less people who know you and there's less gossip round about your home?