This is what happens when I'm home alone with nothing to do..

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I wish you could understand how hard it is for me not to text you constantly
I wish you could understand how much I want to see you again, even though I've seen you twice this week - a new record for us, really
I wish you could understand how much I want to kiss you again..
I wish you could understand how much you need to get that car, so that maybe I could see you more often..
I was exhausted one night, so I tried to go to sleep.. instead, I started thinking about what would happen the next time I saw you. My heart started beating too hard to me to even think about sleep anymore..
Sometimes I see the one picture of you on my phone and wanna kiss it.. then I realize that not only would that be about the weirdest thing ever, but it wouldn't actually be you..
I watched half an episode of degrassi this morning.. just because it's your guilty pleasure
If I don't see you before I leave.. I dunno what I'll do. Two weeks is long enough as it is, I don't need another half week tacked on
This is some of the most cheesy crap I've written.. ever
I wish you didn't sleep so late. It makes the first few hours of my day harder..
I'm gonna stop writing these now. They probably just sound ridiculous. xP


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d'aww. it doesn't sound

it doesn't sound ridiculous. it sounds cute.
i've heard stuff gushier than this from big, hairy football players.
it's always adorable to see a guy actually express human emotions that aren't Happy, Hungry, or Angry.
(is hungry an emotion?)
and you know we've all felt that way one time or another, right?

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Lol, thanks. xD I dun think

Lol, thanks. xD
I dun think hungry is an emotion though. Sorry. >>

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