Vanity Progress, happy

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I got a haircut. The fringe is gone and I look mega young right now! I passed for a 21 the other night but now I probably look just 18? Hair makes such a big difference.

I had a good weekend! It was a feel good one definitely!

Friday was Jess's birthday. That was the night when I decided not to drink or smoke so much. It was still fun though. I had to look after F though! So many guys were keen on her man. She's such a tease. She was unbuttoning this guy in the backseat (with me there) even though she doesn't even like him that way. I understand though, the attention must feel good.

Last night was awesome. I decided I wouldn't spend that much either. I bussed in by myself and met like five people on the bus but they wouldn't leave me alone after I got off and wanted to stick together the whole night - I think they got the impression I knew town inside out. They eventually got the message and left though. Then I saw so many people from my high school because it was my friend's 19th which was cool.

I also bumped into S. I thought he was snobbing me, you know, the one that I thought I was 'in love' with. But I guess not (at least no so much), because he called out to me and we had an -okay- chat. I don't know why I pretended I didn't know him though. He thinks I have a girlfriend now, well, I am in a 'complicated relationship' with F... which is good because it keeps the distance because he's probably the only person who I look at and can potentially emotionally fuck me up. Then they all went into the bar which had a door charge so I was like fuck that. I wanted to forget about him anyway.

So this is when I lost the crew I was hanging with because they didn't wait for me when I was talking to S. But quite conveniently, I literally turned the corner and tried to strike up a conversation with a 'random' girl, and it was some random chick I talked to last weekend! I met all her other friends and they invited me back to party at their rented FIVE-STAR hotel suite! What nice people! They even gave me many free drinks without me even asking?

Then we left the hotel and all walked as a group and went to the gay bar. Even the straight guys were coming... but they're quite homophobic (lol?). They asked if I was gay, I 'lied' and said I was bi (to diffuse tension, after all I am staying in the hotel they paid for...) they were quite concerned but they seemed to like me so it was all good.

So... gay bar right. I ended up hooking up with a halfcaste GIRL. I was so drunk I didn't mind. AGAIN, someone (her) compared me to an anime character! It used to be L and Light from deathnote... this time it was Cloud Strife from final fantasy (quote 'minus the blonde hair' - I have brown hair). I was quite flattered actually. At first I was like who the fuck is Cloud... then I remembered and was like NO WAY. He... has... a... perfect... nose.

Oh yeah, and Jeff remember my PM and how you said to just 'follow up' if someone gropes you? Well this guy groped me I introduced myself and he has a boyfriend? And it happened again? Well... I probably looked straight anyway I was with the half asian girl most of the night...

So yeah, it was def a feel good night! Met new people and felt I was at least attractive to some people. Oh yeah, and remember how I was upset last weekend when I liked that guy and he wasn't interested? Another reason I was upset I didn't mention was probably because I wasn't getting much action that night and this girl called Ann asked J for his number right before we left and I felt I was worthless shit. Well, guess what! Ann is actually halfcaste girl's friend and I saw her again last night - and I found out she actually wanted my number but J just told her I was gay, without telling me she was ever interested! Yeah, it seems like petty competition. But I'm vain as fuck. And so is J, who is straight. Often we get mistaken for going out...

R was ugly.

I swear I will study for the next few weeks...


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I would hope I said that *I* followed up a grope, as I never tell people what they should do, only what I do, have done, etc. ;-)

How you apply these things in your own life is up to you. hehe

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain