"Well, I'd hope not cause that's his aunt."

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My sister's wedding was last weekend and it turned out beautiful! The ceremony was on a dock at a lake, which involved all the ladies walking down this staircase and over some rocks in heels! The weather forecast was calling for rain that day, but they were (thankfully) totally wrong. After the ceremony we went to the golfing greens with close family to take some photos.

After that the wedding party went off to a beach to take more photos, and we got some cute photos there. At one point the photographer had the maid of honour and bridesmaids kiss the groom on the cheek for a pose. And it was then that I was reminded of another reason it's good to be a lesbian: NO CHEEK STUBBLE! ouch! Haha. I forgot about that.

I was paired up with my nephew for the wedding party photos, so that was good cause we just laughed a lot. I miss spending time with him...we get along SO well. At one point, the photographer was helping us all pose, and she was telling my nephew to put his hand on my elbow and stuff, and then I don't remember why, but she said, "Oh, settle down, people, this isn't couple-y stuff." and my sister said, "Well, I'd hope not cause that's his aunt." And we all cracked up.

Later we had a drink back at their place at the resort before heading to the reception. I had coke because champaign is just disgusting. I tried again earlier in the day with the mimosas but IT'S JUST PLAIN GROSS.

The reception was really nice, I loved it. We were in this big tent, so you could easily waver from being inside where the tables and dance floor were set up or you could go outside to the picnic tables and stuff. It was quite relaxed and SO much better than the wedding receptions you usually see and the others that I've gone to.

I think I'll leave the rest, because it's kind of a journal on it's own. Not that anything particularly exciting happened or anything, but...my feelings were omnipresent that night.*

*I don't know if that's really an appropriate way to use that word, but dammit, I felt like using it!


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glad it went well...

mine is coming up next week, and i'm not sure how it will go. hopefully i don't die on the club ride the weekend before, but ya never know w/ me ;) lol.

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It did, it was good...

I just wish that I was able to enjoy the months leading up to it. But what's done is done...

I hope everything goes fantastic at your sister's wedding! And good luck with the ride! You don't want to show up all bruised and banged up. Unless you can hide it. But you can't hide death...so be careful out there! lol.

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