Coming Out to Friends

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I finally told my friends about myself, and it wasn't incredibly awkward because everybody was sharing their own stories, not neccessarily having to do with LGBTQ identities, though. At a sleepover my friends and I were all sharing secrets and when it was my turn to inform them of one of my secrets, I explained that I only had two big secrets that they didn't already know. Those two being, first, that I am transsexual, and second, that I like a girl from our school. Once I told them I thought they would freak out and they wouldn't even want to continue the sleepover, but I was completely shocked when they hugged me. After my friend who already knew helped me tell everyone else they all gave me a huge group hug and said that they accepted me. That was just amazing, I never expected them to be as accepting as they were. I can only thank them for being so open-minded and understanding. Also, one of my friends doesn't mind talking about it, and we talk about it almost all the time. Anyway, good luck to all of those who are in the process to coming out to friends and family, it's definitely not easy but once it's out you feel a lot better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my mom will be as accepting as my friends whenever I tell her. Again, good luck to all. XD


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Congrats! (and i guess

Congrats! (and i guess welcome.) :D
I;m glad all of your friends were accepting and understanding. I'm sure your mom will be accepting as well. ^^

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Thank you so much! XD I hope

Thank you so much! XD I hope my mom will be accepting and understanding, as well, I'm really terrified of telling her, but I have to eventually. My goal is to tell her before I turn 18.

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Thats great! :D *HUGS* all

Thats great! :D *HUGS* all around!

A lot of truth is said in jest.

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Thank you very much! XD

Thank you very much! XD *Hugs*