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Ohkay. So you remember I was all like "DOOD DOES BLUEBOYTUBAMAN LIKE ME AGAIN?" and then I was like "Eh, let's let it pass, I doubt it"

Well he's been tickling me. ALOT. Like so much I'll fall into his lap and he'll KEEP TICKLING ME
and today
He hugged me with the "gay hug" again, but he stopped as he pulled away with his hand still on my hip, and looks at me, and says

"You smell nice."
Then he smiles a little and walks away.

I hope he's messing with me... D: Please!

So today was AWESOME and we basically sat around and talked at Guard camp cuz the instructors weren't there. So I was talking to Meesh (My new sister, apparently. She's exactly like me.), K8, Allosaurus, and Steph about being Bi and they were all TOTALLY cool about it. They were like
"WAIT. So you like the wimmens?"
"FF YEAH I like the wimmens"
and then K8 says she'll try to hook me up with her sister when she breaks up with her girlfriend XD Nice thought, there!
Then they began naming off the mass amounts of lesbians at my school and stuff XD I was like "Can I get a list of names and faces?"

It's cool cuz most of them are seniors except Allosaurus, and they're all exactly like me :) I'll sure miss them after this year, though... They're just SO GREAT.

There's a gaaaaaay couple on the teaaaaaaam tooooo <3 they were holding hands today and it was SOOOO CUTE. All the girls were like "AWWWWW"

And then, oh, yeah, I forgot, Meesh was like "OH WE SHOULD CALL BISEXUALS "The boys and girl's club" XD
and then I was like "Oh, so, that must mean gay men are the YMCA ;D"


What is your absolute, most favorite, personality trait in someone? What could you not live without your partner having?

I think for me I need someone who's pervy, and like, has a sense of humor. Because I am a teaser, and like, if someone can't take a joke I get REALLY annoyed really easily about that D:


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Sounds like an awesome day :)

As for the question, I think I'd also say sense of humour. We gotta be able to joke around. Also, they have to be okay with sarcasm because I can be very sarcastic. :D

"Why is it that as a society, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"

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Ahh, fuck, yeah

I forgot, I'm really sarcastic too XD Good point!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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zomigadz i was laughing

zomigadz i was laughing hysterically the whole time while reading this! XD
Honestly, I need someone who is truthful but in the way that they can tell the truth without hurting someone's feelings. that's something i always try to do and so I feel like I'd want someone who does that too.

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt

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Aha! I'm so glad you enjoyed it XD

Aww, yeah, that's a really good one too :) Sometimes I can be real harsh with my truth-telling, so I probably should work on that, eh?
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Really, I don't think so.

Really, I don't think so. My friends always laugh at me and say "yo Shiv you're so bloody blunt you should like...sugar-coat" but honestly being blunt is sometimes the way to go.

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt

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Well... This'd Require Being Able... start all over again (reincarnation, maybe?).

But, if required to narrow it down to just one attribute... it would be a respect for one's body (i.e., abandoning the predominant teen view that mortality just doesn't apply).

The remaining list, however, becomes more interesting :)

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If the remaining list is SO interesting, I'd like to hear it... :D
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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(2) Shows empathy for others
(3) Is loyal
(4) Is dependable, but with random spontaneity