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Words feel cold at first, but then they make you feel hot.

They fly through the air and penetrate your skin, hurting you inside until you finally fall to your knees in pain.. Sometimes they can be as fatal as the worst forms of disease and death.

My metaphor here is clear, words can be bullets. They can hurt and kill at the pull of a trigger. And oh how much easier it is to simply fire off than it is to actually sit down and compromise.

Sometimes i think that one of the world's biggest arguments was no more complicated than everyday conflicts between people.

World War II was an argument between countries, and most those countries were drawn into the war because of countries already involved either struck them or they were asked to back another country up as an ally. And the entire thing started because one country was mad and vengeful at another and decided to strike them out of spite.

This is not all that different from a group of people in a disagreement. One may strike the other out of vengeful hatred, then friends back up either side, and sometimes other people get involved because they are forced in by the people involved and are unwillingly joining a side rather than staying outside of the conflict.

And what both have in common, are bullets. Words. Such things fly through the air, from brothers and sisters in arms of anger towards opposite sides in attempt to either avenge previous acts, or to see their own definition of a righteous outcome become the result of said arguments.

No one deserves this.
And yet...
No one is safe from it.

I will once again leave you all with a quote of one of my friends.

"Every insult kills, and anger is almost always the smoking gun."


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wow...your friends (the ones

wow...your friends (the ones you've quoted) are as eloquent and well-spoken as you are. i think i would very much like you (and your friends) if we met in person. =) i have a very philosophical, slightly brooding side that rarely sees the light of day.

that said...
hm. i'm not sure what your point is here. do you have one specific point? or was this more of a stream-of-consciousness sort of thing? because i'm getting: 1) words are powerful, 2) anger is something everyone has in common, and those combined, saying that 3) words can be terrible weapons. (although that could just be my views twisting yours...) i agree with the first premise, but not the second entirely. although anger and conflicts are one commonality, you have to remember the other (more positive) passions--that is, love and loyalty. although i guess you're saying those are almost a problem in cases like wwii.
i have a question for you: do you believe such conflicts are inevitable? and if so, how does that affect your view of people in general? are we inherently angry and argumentative? or are we (to go back to the philosophes of the enlightenment) essentially clean slates upon which anger and resentment is written as we get older?
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do!

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No one deserves this. And

No one deserves this.
And yet...
No one is safe from it.

You write beautifully.