When I call out Your Name Do you Hear's picture

Fuck everything about and your jailbait girlfriend. I hate you...I'm at that stage. Where I fucking hate you. Yeah, I'm agnry. So what? You want my cat? Fuck no....even if she wasn't lost and I couldn't take care of her. I wouldn't give her to you.

Get out of my life.....get out of my head. Take back all the fucking memories and all the pictures I want to burn. Give me back my things.....just....fuck you.


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leave me out of your bitch fits

and dont talk about my girlfriend that way.
oh and just incase you didnt know haylee is younger than i am.

"There was never any good old days
They are today, they are tomorrow
It's a stupid thing we say
Cursing tomorrow with sorrow"
-Gogol Bordello