Gay movie, eh?

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I watched Fingersmith and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this weekend. Both were quite good and both managed to evoke some kind of emotion from me.

I LOVED the first part of Fingersmith, it was so good! And the romantic-y bits were fantastic. The love scene was quite nice; kinda hot but not explicit (not a bad thing at all in my books.) But the second part was kind of underwhelming to me. Plus, there weren't any romantic bits, save for one...and I'm a romanceaholic. I crave it and feed on it in all types of media.


...before I went to bed I rewatched all the good bits XD

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, made me want to kill a guy in the film. I don't want to say too much in fear of spoiling...

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Don't go
Girls and boys should be together
Don't go
Girls and boys can rule the world
Don't go
Boys and boys should be together
Don't go
Girls and girls can rule the world

Fefe Dobson, where the hell did you go?! I loved your music as a teen and I just rediscovered your gay friendly song that I'd totally forgotten about. It still makes me happy to this day :)


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@ Dragon Tattoo - i bought

@ Dragon Tattoo - i bought it for my dad, and he watched it while i was in the other room (discretely watching The L Word, actually...) and he told me flat out "you can't ever watch this. it's extremely explicit, even if it is very well done."
so i'm planning to watch it before school starts :P

and wow! - i used to (still) love Fefe Dobson's music!
she played in my area a little bit ago, but other than that, it felt like she dropped off the face of the earth.

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There was some explicit stuff. For sure. But probably not anything that you haven't seen before, with The L word et all. ;)

Though, there is some kinda sickening stuff that actually made me mad; actually it made me want to bash his head in. But anyways...

It's a good movie.

You actually know of her? Her music was great right? I never hear anyone talk about her and I never hear her songs or anything now...though, her Wikipedia says that she's got a new album coming out. Can't say I'm a fan of the new single. It sounds like over-produced generic pop #1, imo.

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phaha, yeah. i was gonna

phaha, yeah. i was gonna watch it w/ him, but he got all "ohno, this is too explicit for your virgin eyes" ... so i went and watched Tibette and Sharmen for a while.
but i could hear half the stuff. still in Swedish, mind you, but it sounded harsh.

& hells yeah i know who Fefe Dobson is.
my brother showed her to me, to try and impress me with his awesome music taste. this was a while ago, and i just kinda loved her in secrecy until now.
and i just realized i have that Don't Go song on my iPod and i've *never* listened to it.

i knew she had a new CD coming out - but didn't listen to the single. i just drooled over her new haircut. :P

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My dad let us watch everything. We watched all kinds of stuff. Although, this one time years ago he was going to watch Showgirls and me and my nephew were told we couldn't watch it and had to leave the room. Haha.

Don't Go is a great song. I think it was the last single I heard her put out before she basically disappeared. I'm surprised you've never heard it. The fact that the chorus is super queer friendly just adds to the awesomeness XD

Haha, I like her new haircut too, but I miss her old style from her first music videos. It was like Avril Lavigne-ish and tomboyish. I guess, cause that's the way I used to dress and I could relate. She wasn't all sexed up like all the others.