Good weekend / Upcoming stuff

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I had a pretty fantastic weekend. My sister had to go to a party in our city so my nephew tagged along and stayed the night. Which was extra specially nice. He's got his 19th Birthday coming up and the family is going to my newlywed sister's house for a barbecue the weekend before he turn 19. And he tells me that the weekend after that, his mom is taking him to a bar to get wasted so that he never wants to do it again (lol) and he's inviting some people to come along for the fun (it'll be his fist legal drink) and then he tells me I can come if I want. Which was nice :)

We used to be so close...but notsomuch any more. But anyways, I want to go but I don't have any usable ID and I definitely don't look my age. Soooo, I'm kinda screwed. I don't know why the stupid government doesn't make up a universal ID card for everyone, because not everyone has a drivers license or passport. EXAMPLE: MOI!

There's actually this Age of Majority card, but it's a major pain for me to get for a couple reasons, and I might not even be able to get it in time for his B-Day, anyways. So, I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll be able to use my OHIP card? I know you're not supposed to, but has anyone tried to use it to get into a bar or club recently? Did they let you in?

So...yeah. Hopefully I can go. I mean, I don't drink, but I want to be there for him.

And I've got this kind of fantasy/dream that I'll go to the bar and meet some cute girl and we'll, like, fall in love or something. Or at least secretly makeout in the bathroom. Whaaat?