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"Our chemistry class is one big, happy family," said the teacher. "We all love each other!"

NO. NO, NO, NO, NO. I refuse to be a big, happy chemistry family with Old Crush. I REFUUUUSE! You can't make me, Mrs. Chemistry Teacher! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

My teachers are officially Homework Nazis. I have a worksheet with 80-something questions AND vocabulary words to define. Notes for 2 classes. Lots of math. All of this was assigned today and is due tomorrow. I'm done with most of it, but seriously, what the fuck? I hate school. It can go have un-lubed anal relations with a cactus. I'm becoming a hobo or something.

Everyone at school threw up today. Okay, no, that's an exaggeration. Almost everyone at school threw up today. Among these people were French Class Girl and Irritating Girl. If they get me sick, I'm going to punch them in their faces. I have quite the fear of puking! After IG puked, my stomach began to hurt, and I can't tell if it's psychological (extremely likely with me) or for serious.

Some girl on facebook is trying to set FCG up with some poor, unfortunate dude. Oh, how I hope he's a closet gay too, or else that will end in massive disaster. Knowing FCG, I very, very seriously doubt she even accepts. I hope for that poor guy's sake that they are either both trying to hide something, that she rejects him, or that her friend pulls her head out of her ass and realizes what FCG is really like.

Oh, one of my friends got in massive trouble for rebelling against his dad. His dad is uber anti-gay and thought he "sounded gay" because of his sinus infection, so my friend decided to put on his mom's mascara and pretend to be the femmiest guy ever. This got him grounded. His dad always calls him gay and tells him to get help just because he supports gay people. He's actually the straightest guy I've ever met, without a doubt... Haha.

Anyway, I'm gonna go tackle my insane amount of homework and hope like hell I don't get sick.