I have no life.

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French Class Girl does this interesting thing with her voice. She seems to occasionally switch between a southern accent and a normal one, sometimes within the same sentence. I've known her for a year, but I just noticed that today. She says this phenomenon makes people who are ultra-redneck, for lack of a better term, call her... a Yankee. Gasp! Where have we heard that before? I was practically nicknamed "Yankee Bitch" or at least some variation of the phrase in ninth grade.

Some guys were checking her out today. Yes, FCG. Ewww, gag me! One of my friends saw them. It was a whole group of maybe juniors and seniors. They were standing in the hall, staring at her ass. Why? Just... WHY? Some called her hot! Oh, my god, really? I guess if you just saw her from the back, you could possibly be fooled into thinking that. Maybe. I will never forget my grandmother's expression when I told her this. (She knows about FCG and has seen her before.) My friend said he wanted to throw up on them.

Today, FCG asked me a stupid question. The following conversation ensued:

FCG: Super Duck, who's your boyfriend?

Really, FCG? REALLY?

Me: I thought we established that I don't have one of those.
FCG: Why?
Me: I don't want one. I thought this was also established.
FCG: Why?
Me: Hehe, why don't YOU have one, FCG?
FCG: Uhhhh... I don't date?

Then, in computer class, I had a google war with my rival/douchebaggy friend who was marginally better today. We'd type in stuff on google and see whose list of suggestions thing had the best stuff. It was great.


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Will you just sleep with FCG already? I mean, we've all seen enough romantic comedies to know how this plays out. ;-)

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I would rather eat cat vomit than sleep with FCG. :(

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Haha. It would be really

Haha. It would be really funny if she was into you.

* I wish you knew how much I love you
I wish you felt the same way to*

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Chances are good...

FCG is into EVERY woman. If it's got two X chromasomes, she's after it!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Haha, she might be... I

Haha, she might be... I dunno. She seems like it sometimes. I wouldn't be surprised if she was, anyway!

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Not cat vomit

Good luck with FCG, for your sake I hope she's not really into you, eating cat vomit sounds highly unpleasant.

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Haha! I think I'm safe...

Haha! I think I'm safe... She's extremely smitten with Irritating Girl and her new friend, so maybe she'll stick to them!

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I wonder if FCG has a

I wonder if FCG has a journal you don't know about where she talks about you incessantly?

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Grow tall sugarcane, eat that soil, drink the rain. But know that they'll chase you if you play their little games. So run, run fast, sugarcane.

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Haha, I wouldn't be

Haha, I wouldn't be surprised at all! Maybe she calls me "French Class Girl" and tells about how I burst into laughter every time I look at her.