Life is good... So far..

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College is soooo much better than high school! I finally got away from all those judgmental freaks I used to have to call my classmates. Ok.. So they weren't all judgmental freaks.. Just most of them.. Anyways I really haven't been on here in a while and thought y'all might like to know that I'm no longer in the closet, At least not completely. (my mom and dad still don't know, but it's only a matter of time. I personally think they're in denial. But when the cat finally does come outta the bag all hell's gonna break lose I'm sure) anyways I finally told my sister and a few close friends. They're all cool with it and I'm finally happy =) I even made a few friends in the honors program at my college, just so happens they're lesbians too! My week cant get any better than this! We hung out last night in their dorm playing guitar and singing. And I didn't even care that my mom was probably not too happy that I was out late. She'll get over it.. She always does. So yea I'll be sure and keep y'all posted if anymore cool things happen. Or if I ever get the guts to come out to my parents (I swear if my mom makes one more comment about me finding a guy I'll scream!) haha well bye for now. Got a full day tomorrow and I'm gonna hang out with my new friends. Later alligators =)


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good for you matey! college does beat the shit out of highschool indeed, and congrats on coming out partially, the parents thing will happen eventually don't worry, but don't expect your ma to stop pushing the cause of the cock your way, it's just what they do, and they always have this tiny little hope that one day we'll snap out of the gay thing and get married and have 30 children :P
great you found other homo friends too, that's so important when you first come out!
take care