Little white flowers will never awaken you. Not where the black coach of sorrow has taken you.

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"Angels have no thoughts of ever returning you,
Would they be angry if I thought of joining you?"

All I want is to forget. To stop caring. I hate that you still have some hold on my heart. If I could I would erase all the memories. Because then I wouldn't hurt anymore.

All I want is for her to be here. So I could forget everything else. When we talk on the phone. I forget everything, but the sound of her voice. And the way she can make me laugh. When we talk, nothing else matters. It's just her and I...and the sound of her voice, and the words she's telling me. If she were here, nothing else would matter. I could forget everything else, but her. That's what happens when we talk...and it's what would happen if she were here.

She makes me happy. Why can't you accept that? I've let you go. Nothing is going to change that. Yes, I miss what we had, when things were good. But that is no longer. It's in the past. I'm looking at the future. Part of moving on is not being on your phone plan. I'm sorry I'm a stranger to you, but that's not a new thing. I've been a stranger to you for awhile. Remember? Say anything you want about me. I don't care anymore.

One day I hope we can be friends, but not now. Not when I'm still hurt.


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*HUGS* A lot of truth is


A lot of truth is said in jest.