My sister got proposed to!

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Isn't that cool?

Got me thinking though...

When I'm sleepy I plan out dates or special moments I would like to have with people. Today's was really sweet.

Sad part about knowing someone who's getting married is that you start to wonder if it'll ever happen to you.

I keep wondering, why I get pushed around so much? Do I do that to people? Am I bossy? I don't THINK so... I'm usually really agreeable and stuff. I'm just so socially anxious. I'm an awkward as hell person unless I already know you... I just fall apart at parties, I can't take them at ALL. Anybody else have that? Like you're drowning in a sea of people so you just curl up in a corner and try to wait it out?

Help? Advice? HUGS??


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Oh, God yes.

I have no friggin' clue what to do at parties. I don't mind if the party is small (10 people) and I know everyone. But more than that and I become a recluse.

Oh, and since I cannot be there in person, I guess I'll give you an internet hug.

Well, I just embraced my labtop and my mom is looking at me weird.

Good luck!

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I Think...

...I like your mom! She noticed!

As you commence the first day of your future (tomorrow?), give her an even firmer hug... and let her know how important she has been...