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So, today I was in a crummy mood due to the whole "supposed to be on a hospital bed somewhere flat-chested and knocked out on pain meds" thing.

I'm still in a crummy mood about that. But if I had been in the hospital today I wouldn't have found a tree growing out from under a storm drain.

I was just walking along. You know. Music blasting in my headphones and taking photos. And I look down the storm drain as I pass it to be greeted by a tree. How awesome is that? I like to fantasize about it breaking through the storm drain cage and the sidewalk and the road and just growing there but um... I don't think the road-maintenance people will allow for that. :[ Once it gets too unruly they'll have to take it out, which makes me sad... It's not like we really -need- a storm drain there... Or a road or a sidewalk or anything.

I think the tree deserves to live, it's made it this far.

But anyway, my point is, maybe some good came out of today. I took some pictures, I ate a toasted marshmallow (I found vegan marshmallows, did I tell you about that? Best things ever.)

And I'm making progress with Classical Gas. I abandoned it for a little while but I'm back to trying to learn it. Going well so far.

Oh, also, I sent a letter to that girl, while at NHIA I mentioned I was supposed to get surgery but I didn't say what for. She got kind of annoyed and threatened to put a non-photo-blue pencil through my eye. (Not just any pencil. Non-photo-blue.) Which is understandable. But anyway, I told her in the letter I'd like to tell her about that, but in person. I also asked for her to call me. This is me, who hates phones... Haha. I'm going to be kind of anxious around the time she's supposed to get back. I hate expecting calls but not knowing when to expect them. XD

I want to tell her in person because if I tell her in a letter she has all of the time that she wants to calculate the appropriate response. I don't want that. I want to -see- how she reacts you know? Ack. That and I want an excuse to see her. I hate that she lives so far away. I mean, she's at the "visit like, twice a month maybe" distance. Most of our communication will probably be through letters and phone calls...

But eh. Maybe we'll 'make it official' or whatever. Maybe not. Maybe right now at her camp there's some other guy who's got her fancy anyway. One that's taller and more handsome and lives closer to her. :P

I'm not all that worried about it either way. I've just been very bored which leaves more time for me to be distressed over things that haven't happened yet. Speculating about things is a good enough distraction when guitar-playing and book-reading get old.

I'm going to try to get a job soon too. I want to visit TotalGeek first but after that. Oh yeah, I have plans to visit him. Bringing marshmallows too. Because I'm vegan and he's vegetarian and we're both marshmallow deprived. Haha. It'll be awesome. :]

...I ought to go plug in my cousin's XBOX thingy for him so he can stop complaining. I wish I was some kind of technology caveman so people wouldn't come to me for these things. :P When I move out I'm going to pretend to everyone that I know nothing about computers. XD; Everything just miraculously works around me. Yeah. That's it. (only, in reality it doesn't. Go figure.)


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Classical Gas is one of my

Classical Gas is one of my favorite songs :)

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It's a freaking bitch to

It's a freaking bitch to learn though. Haha. But it's so worth it. :)