Really Pandora? Really?

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Okay, so I was listening to music on Pandora, and it was like "HEY. WANNA SEE A CONDOM AD?"

Which I thought was kind of funny but completely irrelevant. Apparently Trojan has a station too, for it's "FIRE and ICE" condoms that is. Even better is that they're triple tested. Triple tested condoms. Yup.


Okay... That's all I had to say really. It's late and nothing really makes sense anymore. Going to sleep soon. I stayed up for the meteor shower but there's all of this water vapor pollution (clouds) getting in the way. I don't have high hopes for tomorrow either. Oh well. :P


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I wish Pandora gave me weird things like that XD

Aww, I've never seen a meteor shower either. It's almost ALWAYS cloudy in my state :C
You are beautiful, in every single way <3