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I'm mad. I'm not mad because I didn't get on the honor roll (The honor roll people get special privileges.) from last year's grades. I'm not mad because all my friends did. I'm mad because they keep being douches about it and telling me I'm retarded. I got the highest average in three subjects last year. >:(

Douchey Friend: No college is ever going to accept you because you suck at math. You have to be retarded to get a C in Geometry.
Me: Screw you! I got over 100 in English last year!
Douchey Friend: That doesn't matter, though. If you suck at math, you suck at everything, because it's the most important subject.
Me: If you suck at English, nobody is gonna take you seriously. My lowest non-math grade in the last quarter of last year was like, a 97.
Douchey Friend: You still suck at math and, by extension, everything.
Me: You couldn't find the "Documents" folder in computer class today.

Yes, that's right. I can't write a geometric proof, but she can't click on the little folder that says "Documents." Obviously, I am pathetically stupid, and she is an ultimate genius. Obviously.

Douchey Friend: No one except secretaries even uses computers for work, so who cares?
Me: Are you kidding me? By your logic, no one except architects uses geometry, so who cares?

This was going on all day. All. Freaking. Day. The geometry teacher overheard one of these exchanges and smiled sadistically. Everyone hates me.

In chemistry class today, we got our tests back. I did really well on mine. They weren't out of 100 points, so if we wanted an idea of our letter grade, we had to make it into a percent. Mine was a 92%, but the teacher had to add points back for a correct answer she checked off, so I ended up with 95%. I got an A! I was happy. Then my douchebag friend and Irritating Girl ruined it.

Douchey Friend: Oh, look, Super Duck! This next chapter has MATH!
Douchey Friend: She's gonna FAIL! And when we take Physics, she's going to fail everything because it's all math! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHA! AHAHAHAHA!

She was laughing insanely hard and for like, 5 minutes. The only way I can possibly express the magnitude of her laughter is by saying it's comparable to the laughing I do whenever I see French Class Girl. (All I have to do is look at her. She doesn't even have to say anything stupid or utilize her awful acting skills. Everything about her is hilarious to me.)

Speaking of FCG, she wasn't at school today. :'( I was so sad! I don't have any class to look forward to whenever she isn't at school! I say this all the time, but I am so totally going to cry when she graduates and leaves me bored at school. I don't want to think about it. I still can't get over her randomly telling that girl, "You're not a lesbian."


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Your friends need to "get a life" hurr hurr
Seriously though D: Wtf... they're so mean!!! D:<
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Maybe one of the priveleges

Maybe one of the priveleges they got was the right to be a douchebag.

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ditch the bitch. s'all i can

ditch the bitch. s'all i can say.

SHIT. your life is beginning to revolve around FCG.

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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If she keeps acting this

If she keeps acting this way, I'm afraid I'll have to... She can find her own "Documents" folder in computer class! >:(


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Why are you friends with these people?

Like lamb_da said, ditch 'em! Dude, you deserve so much better!

"Why is it that as a society, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"

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Again, they usually aren't

Again, they usually aren't so crappy, but if they keep this up, I'll just have to get new friends, I guess.

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Several others have commented on the lack of support from your friend, and I completely agree. Any reason why she kept coming back to it?

I was trying to wrap my head around the non-logic of the first set of comments from your not so supportive friend when I realized it was an exercise in futility. Is math in all forms your "weakest" subject? I remember in high school geometry and I weren't always friends, but then when I took calculus...well, I miss calculus. And even if you aren't strong in any branch of mathematics, I'd suggest you utilize your strengths, like you mentioned.

People on honor roll get special privileges? Interesting.

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Not really, no... She was

Not really, no... She was better about it today.

Yes, I am bad with all forms of math. Geometry just so happened to be worse than all the others.

People on the honor roll get to skip the last period of the day during which we do nothing but sit. They can go eat and stuff.

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MATH! I HAAATE math. I was so glad when I finished grade 11 functions 'cause that means no more mandatory math.

As for your friends, they can go suck themselves. Math is stupid. The only reason people need to learn advanced math is so that universities can weed people out. Like, how would vector calculus benefit me in the pursuit of, say... *squints at brochure* dentistry?

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My school used to only

My school used to only require 3 years of math, but it recently upped the requirements to 4. I was so pissed.

Math is my worst subject and has been so since the seventh grade. That was the year they put me on the advanced track because I was advanced in everything else, and I guess they needed to make my schedule fit. I haven't ever had a good teacher or a good textbook.

I've always secretly wanted to be a journalist or something related to that. I don't like all these fancy kinds of math. I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and I think that's good enough. I don't think I'll be factoring many polynomials like in Algebra or doing... whatever I did in Geometry last year. God, I can't even remember.