Should I Come Out?

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Should I come out? I feel comfortable with myself and my identity, so I know I'm ready. My friends are very supportive of me, so I am fine emotionally. I am in a pretty gay/bi/transsexual friendly area, so I feel safe.
But how do I come out? Do I just announce it to the world? Or do I only tell if some one asks? I would rather announce myself, but how? Any ideas here would be very very very very helpful.


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In my case, I told my close

In my case, I told my close friends and I told them it wasn't a secret and word eventually got around, that's all there was to it. (:

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With me, i came out slowly.

With me, i came out slowly. like, one person a month and then it got more rapid, two or three people at a time. pretty soon it was just general knowledge that i liked girls, and luckily i had supportive friends and didn't face many problems in coming out.

& i know this is probably a given but: once you're really ready, you'll find it kinda easy to come out.

as for how.... i've heard of really creative ways of coming out... like, changing your FB status to "is gay" or "likes girls/boys" (but i'd never do that...).

my favorite creative coming out was someone made a shirt that said "Let's Get Something Straight..." on the front and on the back it said "I'm Not."
and they wore it to school (i think that may have been someone on Oasis? i'm not sure)

and sometimes, when i'm in a situation where i know its gay friendly, i'll say it right off the bat. just tell the person as i'm introducing myself to them that i'm queer.

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told mah friends, one on one

told mah friends, one on one or as a whole then wore "GAY" rainbow wristband to school. some people asked everyone else ignored it.

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Thank you, I just wasn't

Thank you, I just wasn't sure how to go about it. I just started a new school, so I thought, hey, I made a new identity for myself, why not make it my whoe identity? Thank you again. :-)

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