Stuck in a rut.

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People make me wanna cry my armor is broken and the wall is down. I’ve been stabbed in the back and kicked to the ground I don’t know how to be happy anymore. I don’t know who to trust anymore, I don’t know who my friends are. I’m gone and I don’t think I’m coming back, my mind has cracked.


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Awwww *HUGS* and *RAINBOWS*

Awwww *HUGS* and *RAINBOWS* for you. :(

A lot of truth is said in jest.

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All perspective. Sounds like the making of a total fresh start without having to worry about the past..

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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This happened during my fresh start this yr my life was fliped upside down.

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Is there anyway we can help

Is there anyway we can help you work things out? (as in would talking it out help??) I know what you are going through. So, I am here for you! <3 Feel free to message me or something.

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thanks for the offer

Thank you for offering I may take you up on that sumtime.

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Sure! Whenever you need to

Sure! Whenever you need to talk. I have no life, so I am online most of the time. :)