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I hate how when I get a crush on someone I don't really want to talk about much else... It's annoying.

...I blame evolution.


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evolution is a good thing to

evolution is a good thing to blame. XD

i hate how when i'm trying to impress someone or flirt, if my friends are around and notice i'm acting strange, i get super blushy and awkward.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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this = definition of my

this = definition of my life.

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Cherish That...

When I was your age one never dared talk about a same-sex crush.

We've still got a long way to go... but I feel so elated about the vastly improved society that welcomes today's youthful gays!

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Well, technically, it's a

Well, technically, it's a straight crush on a girl. But, you know. By the same token, as a trans person. I'm very lucky to be recognized by almost everyone in my life as the boy I am instead of the girl I'm not. Before I'm 18 even! Trans rights are kind of plodding behind gay rights right now... But still progressing.

It is exciting to think of the progress that's been made in even just the last five years. =) As you said, long way to go. But things have improved a lot. It's good to see.