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Fuckin' dentists. Does anybody else but me REALLY hate going? I don't like someone staring in my mouth for an hour and poking my gums accidentally when they're scraping my teeth.
And I NEVER floss because it's a pain. I have sensitive gums DX I don't want to go, but I have to. Lovely, lucky me.

I could never be a dentist. Mouths look so weird when they're all open and bleckkk.


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Yeah... It's a Trying Ordeal...

...even if you do have healthy gums!

You should be aware that the condition of one's gums is a very good indicator of overall health. So... maintaining healthy gums is extremely important.

I'd suggest that you get into the habit of "dry brushing" your gums at least once a day (preferably more). This involves taking a dry toothbrush (no dampening and no toothpaste; bristles not bent) and vigorously brushing back and forth (I know, this is not how you were taught) with the bristles penetrating into the region between your teeth and gums. This will remove much plaque that ordinary brushing misses!

Do this for at least two minutes. A lot of saliva will be produced. Just swallow; do not spit it out. Do not follow with ordinary brushing for at least an hour. The saliva is retained in the mouth because of its strong antibiotic effect.

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Were you a dentist in your

Were you a dentist in your life at ANY point? Gee, that seems more fun than flossing...
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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Fun? Man... you must lead a very boring life when brushing your teeth is elevated to being fun! :)

Anyway... I wish I had had such instruction when I was your age. If I had my mouth wouldn't be filled with fillings, bridges, and caps!

I just learned this technique from my dentist about two years ago. Now... every time I go for a regular 6-month cleaning (which I absolutely hate!), I am congratulated on how well I have kept plaque at bay.

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Only boring sometimes

I wish MY dentist would have told me that! Hmph. They say I brush my teeth really well, but I need to floss. Which, I do. Other than that I'm good, though!
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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I hate going to the dentist

I hate going to the dentist too! D: There's usually this old lady that bitches at me for not flossing hard enough. The last time I went, though, which was like, last week, I got a cute girl who randomly ranted about the grammatical errors of extremely stupid people. She did not bitch at me about my flossing habits. :D

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Dental appointments must be

Dental appointments must be the 11th ring of hell.
Mind you I hate them so much primarily because I keep getting cavities so they keep giving me laughing gas and I absolutely HATE laughing gas....I'm just too much of a control freak, and with laughing gas I can no longer control my thoughts, and if I can't control my thoughts what do I have left to control? Same reason I don't like crushes so control.

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Am I one of the only people here who LIKES the dentist?

It makes me feel so fresh and so cleeeaannn

I used to not floss like EVER, but after I got my braces off then it was so easy to floss because I didn't need to poke the floss through the wires for eeeaacchhhh tooth. Since then I've tried to be a good child and floss almost every day :p
My orthodontist is super awesome, and he has a whole staff of only young blonde women, which is kind of weird but whatever :D